Maintenance and Warranty

Maintenance and Warranty

Massive wood furniture

• It is not recommended to place furniture in direct sunlight, as this may cause a color change. In any case, this is considered an acceptable process that is considered natural.
• It is not recommended to place furniture next to heaters, ventilation and air-conditioning. Furniture can be affected by temperature fluctuations.
• Wooden furniture can dry out in winter, so it is recommended to keep the air moist. If the humidity is less than 55%, there is a great risk that the furniture may crack. This can happen if the air is not kept for approx. same temperature and humidity throughout the year.
• If the humidity increases above 70%, the wooden furniture starts to accumulate the damp excess. This can cause inflation in the wood, and therefore parts of the furniture can rub against each other or shift. It is recommended to use a dehumidifier if this happens.
• If drawers or doors do not close or open properly, check that the furniture is correctly positioned - parallel to the floor. If not, adjust according to floor / wall. Remember that furniture can sink into carpets, which can lead to disturbed use of drawers and doors.
• Items made of plastic or rubber are made of harmful materials that can cause stains and damage to wooden furniture. Therefore, it is recommended to use covers or consider whether it can be placed elsewhere.
• It is recommended to regularly change the placement of objects that stand on the surface of wooden furniture, although the color will fade, you will avoid stains.
• Try to remove spills or stains immediately. Even water can leave light marks. Other items such as perfume, alcohol or other personal hygiene can cause serious damage to the surface if not removed immediately.
• When cleaning furniture, try to use strong absorbent substances to avoid scraping.

Care and maintenance of furniture mounting elements

Fittings are the most erosive element in the furniture: hinges, various lifting mechanisms, runners, track systems and other types of fittings. The only maintenance needed is dust drying and cleaning of dirt if it occurs.

Care and maintenance of countertops made of oakwood

Oakwood surfaces cannot be in constant contact with water - spills must be removed immediately. It is recommended to use alkaline cleaners (soapy water). Avoid cleaning agents with abrasive functions. Always use a tray or other surface when placing hot drinks or other items with heat on the surface.

If necessary, sand and renew the surface:

• Stained surfaces can be thoroughly scrubbed with soft P240 sandpaper. Remove all dust and sand with a damp cloth.
• Only use specialized furniture oil.

Terms of warranty

There is a 5-year warranty in Norway and 2-year warranty in EU-country on your furniture.

The warranty period starts from the manufacturer's invoicing date.

Should the customer experience defects in delivered products, all visible defects must be reported via the cabin supplier in writing. Mandatory information is:
• The customer's order number / project number,
• written defect description,
• photos, possibly video.

During the warranty period, the manufacturer must replace defective parts or products as soon as possible, but no later than 60 calendar days from the warranty case was created in written claim (the buyer will be notified if under any circumstances longer time must be expected).

IMPORTANT! Warranty does not apply in these cases:

• When there are visible wood color shades / twigs on the furniture made of natural wood. Shades can be caused by furniture exposure to light and solar radiation which can lead to fading.
• Natural wear and fading.
• Fragile materials (glass, etc.)

IMPORTANT! The furniture guarantee expires when:

• Furniture is not used for the intended purpose and without fulfilling the requirements and recommendations specified in maintenance document.
• Items not intended for use on furniture are used on these.
• Furniture damage occurs as a result of improper use, storage or transportation.
• Furniture is repaired by the buyer or a third party.
• Furniture is not installed correctly (when installation service is not provided by producer).